Dearest Sister,

I write this with such excitement to tell you all about the Spring Cotillion this past 30 of March! I regret that you were not able to attend. It was such a delight! You know the ladies had been wanting to host a ball before all the boys are gone off to the war. Ms. Lueken and Ms. Hadley put together the most entertaining dance workshop prior to the start of the evening festivities. They even had a ladies hair workshop and assisted dressing those who traveled from long distances. You know when ladies get together to organize an event, everything just seems to fall into place. Does not seem to matter whether it is a small memorial and picnic or something as splendid as a Spring Cotillion!

Would you believe we had folks to come to Kentucky all the way from Texas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee, Ohio, and Indiana? So far, people have been civil and trying not to get caught up in the politics of the war. I believe they are trying to hang on to the social graces, the southern hospitality, and fellowship we so enjoyed before the war divides us all. We even had several officers in attendance! The Army of Tennessee Commander Jason Boshers and his lovely wife Linda were in attendance along with John C. Breckinridge Camp 100 Commander Sam Flora and the Bluegrass Brigade Commander Kris Hawkins. We were fortunate enough that Commander Hawkins was able to secure pickets from the 44TH TN Infantry under the leadership of NCO Duty Officer Brian Dorsett. It was splendid for the guests to be greeted by such gallant soldiers! Oh, what a sight, indeed!

The most precious sight was a darling family from Texas with their sweet little ones, ages 5 and 2. It is such a blessing to see young ones involved to carry on our traditions and the legacy of our ancestors. There were several young people in attendance. Such that it gave the ladies the thought of presenting debutantes at next year’s Spring Cotillion. Yes, we were asked to do this again next March if all holds together and this devil’s war does not tear the country apart.

Oh, I must tell you about the entertainment! Capt. Lee Millar, you know him, he conducts the 52nd Regimental String Band, he called all of the dances! It was wonderful and the dance floor stayed quite full. As you know, some gentlemen are not so inclined to dancing so we were sure to set up gaming tables. Some played chess, some poker, cribbage, and there were conversation cards as well. One of the most well received activities guests could partake in was to have their image captured by Tin typist Mr. Michael Rhodes. His work is just splendid and provides a keepsake for a lifetime and beyond.

The refreshments were catered by a group of local women with the most entertaining name, 3 Peas in a Pod! Their display and array of hors d’oeuvres was very well received! We will most certainly call on them again next year.

As it is getting late and I have surely told all I can remember for now, I must close. I hope this finds you well and you will be able to visit soon. Please plan to come next spring! Tell all we miss them.

Your loving sister,

Amanda Logan


The 2nd Annual Spring Cotillion was held March 30, 2019 at Berry Hill Mansion in Frankfort, KY. It is hosted by a group of like minded folks interested in preserving our heritage, and our culture through events that focus on the etiquette, southern hospitality, and social graces of a bygone era. Proceeds go toward small projects to preserve and honor our ancestors who came before us and gave all they had for a cause they believed in. We cannot in the 21c begin to understand their motivation for their choices, we can only respect them, remember and honor them for giving all they had to help build the nation we all have the privilege to live in today. Let us not forget our history and let us not repeat it, ever!

The 3rd Annual Spring Cotillion will be held March 28, 2020, at Berry Hill Mansion, Frankfort, KY. The 52nd Regimental String Band will again be performing, and 3 Peas in a Pod will be catering.

We will be adding some new activities so please consider joining us.

You can contact Amanda Logan at for more information.