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Posted on Monday, January 14, 2019 at 1:24 pm


Pic of Complaint

The Descendants of General N. B. Forrest file suit against the City of Memphis, Memphis City Council and Memphis Greenspace Inc.


            A group of Descendant members of the family of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and wife Mary Ann Montgomery Forrest have filed suit in Chancery Court in Shelby County against the City of Memphis, Memphis City Council and Memphis Greenspace Inc., and others, over the defendants’ actions leading to desecration of the gravesite of General and Mrs. Forrest in Forrest Park in downtown Memphis.

The Forrest family group, including five of the great-great grandsons of General Forrest, state in the complaint that the defendants, including the individual city council members and city mayor and other individuals, willfully and knowingly conspired to, and did in fact, desecrate the graves and headstone monument of N. B. Forrest and wife Mary Ann Forrest in December 2017 by the defendants’ illegal removal of the monument and other actions.

All of the Forrest Family group are members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The Forrest family complaint notes that the defendants violated several sections of state law in the Tennessee Code Annotated, as well as the Tennessee Heritage Protection Act, dealing with historic sites, cemeteries, burial sites, headstones/monuments and more.  The family seeks the repair and re-installation of the Forrest Equestrian Monument as the headstone of the graves, and other remedies.

The remains of General and Mrs. Forrest were re-interred into Forrest Park in November 1904 and the Forrest Equestrian Statue and monument was erected over the graves and dedicated in May 1905.  The site continues to be a cemetery and gravesite today.


Lee Millar~Forrest Family spokesman

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