Never As Great As 68

Andrew Edmonds tells us a coming of age story in this novel which is fun and charming and full of Southern intrigue. A student at North Central High School, Andrew alternates between his job at a local grocery store and surfing at the beaches around Charleston, South Carolina. The rest of his time is taken up with trying to solve several mysteries and wooing a beautiful Mormon girl. The story is told with a soundtrack of the time’s greatest hits, which really highlights the fun. Southern heritage is on the menu along with soul food, boiled peanuts, and plenty of chopped celery. It is all told from the perspective of a teenage boy who spends his life between high school graduation and college with surfing, dating, and summer jobs. It includes race relations, Charleston history, and the Viet Nam war. The time is the late 60’s so, if you grew up in that era, you should find this read interesting. There is enough mention of Southern heritage and history to entertain history buffs.

Title: Never As Great As 68

Author: Andrew Edmonds

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages: 287

Price: $14.99

Soft Cover