Civil War Lovers Guide to New York City

Courier Book Review

Bill Morgan’s “CIVIL WAR LOVERS GUIDE TO NEW YORK CITY” . Speaking as one who has had the God given occasion to live in many states of this great nation, I lived in western New York for several years. I also ventured into that area of the state that some of western New Yorker’s consider another country. New York City. Whereas I was aware of a few of the Civil War related sites in the Big Apple, I was unaware of to what extent those variants were.

To the novice one may think what in the name of “hardtack” or “teeth duller’s” has New York City or The City That Never Sleeps got to do with the “late unpleasantness” ? To them it is a far removed as it would be putting General Braxton Bragg in charge of Armies of the Confederacy but that was and is far from reality. Fact is this war was a national tragedy but one that made us who we are today. Americans. Almost every municipality had a loss of someone. New York City was in some respects a microcosm of the war itself.

Mr. Morgan’s, “CIVIL WAR LOVERS GUIDE TO NEW YORK CITY” is truthfully a prerequisite to ANYONE looking for those hidden treasure of our historic past in a place many would never dare to think such existed.. Methodically well thought out with vivid accounts and imagery of the people, places, landmarks and episodes that happened there. From President Lincolns call for the states to raise 75,000 volunteers, to the building of the USS Monitor, to the Draft Riots and burning of the orphans home of innocent and helpless negro children to the possibility of Gotham City becoming a independent city able to trade with both sides to the funeral possession of President Lincolns body. It is all here. Abolitionists to conscientious objector’s to secessionists. To the age old question as to who IS buried in Grants tomb? It was all there and beautify documented in this visitors guide.

One of the intriguing portions and discoveries was that Mrs. Davis, President Jefferson Davis’s wife, moved to New York City after the president’s death, she became very good friends with Mrs. Grant, President-General Grants wife. She also associated herself in personal and political circles in which would have caused many Fire Eaters to turn over in their graves and be distasteful to many modern day neo-confederates with their revision our southern history heritage. Another tidbit is the testament to the vast number of Confederates buried in and around the great city and the honor and homage that was paid to them.

He has described and mapped out these opportunities and assisted to orient the visitor or lifelong resident to these treasures. Frankly this book needs to be at every visitor center in New York to include The Big Apple itself. What I found lacking was the reference or lack of as to if the structures are still in place. What is standing there today or a possibility of today and yesterday photograph comparisons.

Title: Civil War Lovers Guide to New York City

Author: Morgan, Bill

Publisher: Savas Beatie

Pages: 197

Price: $18.95

Soft Cover