Civil War Ghosts of Sharpsburg (Haunted America Series)

Courier Book Review

The Civil War is still big business, and the niche market that is going great guns is Civil War Ghosts. Now, whether one buys into the afterlife phenomenon is up to the individual. As for this writer, I am just as intrigued as anyone else by the possibility of other world dimension’s making contact with us. So, with that said, let’s look at the book.

The authors, right off the bat, claim Sharpsburg (Battle of Antietam) to be the most haunted town, as far as Civil War ghosts. Now, that is quite a claim for us who have delved into the Ghosts of Gettysburg. The books description says, In September 1862, fighting from the Battle of Antietam spilled into Sharpsburg’s streets. Residents were left to bury the dead from both sides. Today, locals report lingering echoes of that strife, from the faint taps of a Union drummer boy named Charley King to the phantom footsteps of Confederate soldiers charging up the stairs of the Rohrbach House. Two spectral girls seen playing by the Big Spring in Children’s Alley may be Savilla Miller and Theresa Kretzer, best friends torn apart by their divided loyalties. Tour guides Mark and Julia Brugh craft a vivid portrait of Sharpsburg in the Civil War and bring to light stories of the ghosts for whom the conflict never ended.

All I can say is that if you love ghost stories then this book is for you. It is exciting and new and will keep you glued to the pages. It has pictures of places, and areas where sightings occurred. This always makes it easier to find the spot for those of us that like to walk the ground, even if it’s a more modern event. Add this one to your Civil War Ghost collection; you’ll be glad you did.

Title: Civil War Ghosts of Sharpsburg

Author: Mark P. Brugh & Julia Stinson Brugh

Publisher: The History Press

Pages: 128

Price: $19.99