Across a Deadly Field: Regimental Rules for Civil War Battles

Courier Book Review by Jay Jorgensen

Across a Deadly Field: Regimental Rules for Civil War Battles, written by John Hill, is a primer for Osprey Publishing’s new regimental-level wargame. Mr. Hill is eminently qualified for writing this book, having previously designed the Johnny Reb wargame series. The book is a step-by-step introduction into tabletop wargaming for novices and experienced gamers alike.

The reader is presented with a good overview of the elements of an army – infantry, artillery, cavalry and engineers. Each section reviews the movement and deployment of these individual units. The section also provides the standards for the movements and engagement with the enemy. Hill has been able to bring the game down to the regimental level of play, providing enhanced realism and enjoyment to participants.

The book sets forth various historical and points-based scenarios. By following the rules of engagement a person has the ability to review either the July 1st opening morning engagement at the Battle of Gettysburg, or the Mine Run campaign. In addition, the detailed rules summaries that are included are easy to understand and follow.

John Hill has done a fine job in coming up with an intriguing way of wargaming. His book is well written and informative. Certainly anybody who is involved with tabletop warfare would enjoy Across a Deadly Field.

Title: Across a Deadly Field: Regimental Rules for Civil War Battles

Author: John Hill

Publisher: Osprey Publishing,

Pages: Photographs, tables, glossary 144 pp

Price: $39.95