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Standing on the Edge of Time: Civil War 1862

Posted on Monday, June 1, 2015 at 7:21 am

Robert Jarman lived in Hempstead County, in what was known as the “wilds of Arkansas.” Robert and his three friends soon joined the 4th Arkansas Infantry, Confederate States of America, having to leave their families and sweethearts behind.

The war took the four friends through the battles of Elkhorn Tavern (Pea Ridge) in Arkansas: Farmington, Mississippi; Richmond, Kentucky; and Murfreesboro (Stones River) in Tennessee, all in 1862. Having volunteered to defend their homes in Arkansas, they ended up fighting their first four battles in four different states.

This book brings out the many hardships and the suffering the soldiers endured on the campaigns and long marches, sometimes through the worst weather conditions. Hundreds of historical facts are included, giving a unique view of the Civil War as rarely seen. The story, although part fiction, is based on facts and is a real eye opener to the conditions and things those people went through.

The author, Daniel Singleton, added excerpts of real military communications and newspaper articles in timely fashion. This made the story move along, although it had no problem holding my interest. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more of what it was like for a person to live through that time period.

Title: Standing on The Edge of Time: Civil War 1862

Author: Daniel Singleton

Pages 426

Paperback-Full Size Pages

Price: $35.00 plus s/h

To Order: call (501) 623-6014

-Book review by Harry Disotell

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