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Appomattox 1865

Posted on Wednesday, July 1, 2015 at 2:26 pm

There seems to be no end to the new and improved books coming out. One of those is Appomattox 1865 by Ron Field. It begins with an overview of the Appomattox campaign. The full page map has fourteen points numbered on the map to help one better understand the running battle. Then it covers the origins of the battle with Grant’s planning taking place in March 1864.

It takes the reader into the commanders complete with pictures and information. There is a list of all the units involved for both sides. The maps and pictures throughout the book, along with an outstanding array of illustrations by Adam Hook, brings the reader closer to the history involved. It is a very enjoyable compelling book that will give the reader a clear understanding of the surrender.

Title: Appomattox 1865
Publisher: Osprey Publishing Ltd
Author: Ron Field
Illustrator: Adam Hook
Price: $21.95

-Courier book review by Tim Massey

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