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A Good Inheritance

Posted on Sunday, November 1, 2015 at 8:23 am

The main character, Wade James, a 16 year old high school football player is growing up in a small town in South Carolina.  He finds the Civil War Journal of his great grandfather, Lofton James.  While Wade is passing his time in the hospital for a couple months as the result of an accident, he reads the stories of his grandfather’s time as a soldier in the Confederate Army.

Lofton James is captured in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and then paroled and then serves in Northern Georgia and Virginia.  Because of his excellent marksman abilities, he becomes a sharpshooter for his unit.  In the Battle of Spotsylvania in May of 1864, he kills US MG John Sedgwick.  As a result of this act, Lofton becomes distressed by his action and he deserts.

The emotions expressed by Wade’s grandfather in the journal are significantly emotional.

One hundred years later, the civil rights movement is gaining momentum, and Wade becomes witness to discriminatory practices in the south.  One event specifically involves a football teammate of his.  Remembering the writings in his grandfather’s journal, Wade makes a moral decision that affects him for the remainder of his life.

While the book is entertaining, it speaks more to the civil rights movement, than it does about the Civil War. It was interesting reading, but not a lot on the historical aspects of the war.

Title: A Good Inheritance
Author:  Daughtry Miller
Publisher: Archway Publishing
Pages: 158
Hardcover: $30.99

-Courier book review by Ronnie Hopkins

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